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Understand Rap: Explanations Of Confusing Rap Lyrics

This came through in the mail today and caught my interest. Similar to Jay-Z’s upcoming book, Decoded, Understand Rap provides explanations to some of the game’s most iconic quotables. The book drops today and is also available on Amazon. Peep an excerpt below. Lyric: “I was strapped wit’ gats when you were cuddled wit’ cabbage patch.” Lyric From Song “Forgot About Dre” On Album 2001 By Artist Dr. Dre Explanation: When you were still a child and had no concerns […]

Diesel: Only The Brave: Donnis

[vodpod id=Video.4624936&w=425&h=350&] ATL’s very own is up next for Diesel’s Only The Brave video series. Here he tells Common how his four years stationed in Japan  influenced his music and his desire for performing. Fashionably brave. Previously: Nipsey Hussle | Vado

Diddy’s Nervous About Sound Of Album

Puff’s Last Train To Paris has suffered more than a few derailments. In this week’s issue of NME, Diddy says he’s apprehensive about the amount of singing on the project. As of now, the album is scheduled to pull off in December. “There’s definitely nerves. It’s nerve-wracking because there’s more singing for me. You have a new concept, and it took people a while to buy into it. I think a lot of times people forget how many hits I’ve had. […]