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Soulja Boy Writes His First Book

This summer, you can add “author” to Soulja Boy’s resume. It’s been reported that Soulja Boy has penned his first book, Teenage Millionaire. No word as to what it’ll entail, but SB says it’ll be released on July 28. Only time will tell ya, if it’ll be a bestseller.

City High’s Robby On Intervention

I’m sure you’ve heard about this. But in case you missed it (like I did) here’s the entire thing. For those that don’t know, City High was ala the Fugees: A two guy, one girl group that Wyclef put on. They had a big hit, “What Would You Do?” back in 2001, but broke-up soon after. Who knew a love triangle was at the heart of the matter? Damn you, Claudette Ortiz.