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Jay-Z “Blueprint 3 Intro” (Live At All Points West)


“Hey I appreciate y’all stayin’ out in the rain or whatever, fuckin’ up your new sneakers and all that shit.”

Jigga teases us that he’s gonna kick a new verse from BP3 this time, but then goes into his “I’m not talkin’ about Game” bars. Except Jay did tweak a few lines this time if you listen closely. Like a couple of the new flourishes but not the reggae ting at the end mon.

Jay-Z “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”/”Brooklyn We Go Hard” (Live At All Points West)


In a stirring opener on par with his Oasis shocker at Glastonbury, Hov paid tribute to MCA and the Beastie Boys (who he replaced on this show) with a remake of a classic from Licensed to Ill. It was a cover performance Hip Hop Honors wish they could have. Ha! Good job, Hov. Hey Village Voice, he was listening.

I’ll put my footage up against anybody’s. No shots.

Joe Budden’s Wiz Has A Black Eye


While Joe discuses the possibility of having a mistress, his girlfriend Tahiry, divulges on getting punched in the face by the hands of some guy. Perhaps they both agreed on sharing this with the world, but I believe some things are best kept private. Why be exploitative for the sake of a couple hundred YouTube views? Sorry Joey, but if my ol’ lady came home with an eye jammie, a Flip Cam definitely wouldn’t be the first thing I’m reaching for.

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