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Tony Yayo Blames Game For Leaving G-Unit

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The Talk of New York tells the 1515 Boys that Game shot himself in the foot for leaving the Unit.

Now he’s thinking about his mistakes. He said in

that interview he might feel a different way the next day. Game is

bipolar. One day he’s this way, the next day he’s the next. When you

got a group like G-Unit … we sold millions of records, we got a lot

of egos. From Buck and Game, I think they just gotta learn how to

control them egos. In their eyes, to me, they got jealous of 50.

They’ll say, ‘Yayo is up under 50′s ass.’ Or ‘He’s 50′s yes-man.’ It’s

not that — I don’t have any hate in my heart towards anybody. I don’t

have hate in my heart towards Game or Buck. But when we built a brand,

G-Unit was selling millions of records like he said — yeah, we was the


Yep, and Olivia was Yoko Ono. Pow!

Nas’ 1991 Demo Tape

“He sounds like G Rap, and G Rap don’t sell no records. I’m not fuckin’ with Nas.”— Russell Simmons

This has been floating around for some time, but here is Nasir’s 18-year-old demo tape courtesy of  Blind I . According to MC Serch in the April 2009 XXL, he took this tape to Faith Newman-Orbach and David Kahne at Columbia Records after getting snubbed by Uncle Rush the same day. Ironically, Nasty Nas is now on the label Russell built. What goes around comes around, my nigga. 

Props: SRD via Kanye

YN Update: This is a collection of more than his actual demo. But good music nonetheless. Edutain yourself, kids.