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New Mixtape: Dustin Prestige “Houston Presto Vol. 1″

Around the time we launched three months ago, this song impressed YN and I enough for an industry co-sign. Since then, Dustin’s gotten the thumbs up from journalist Maurice Garland and Killer Mike. Not bad, eh? Well, today he finally dropped his debut mixtape and wants you to download it. I’d recommend it. (Don’t let me down, nigga!) Tracklist after the cut.

Don’t act like y’all don’t gossip.

VIBE Media Group has put another stake in the ground as the definitive voice of urban culture with the launch of its new tabloid property, THE MOST!. True to the brand’s motto: All Up In the Bizness, THE MOST! will fill a void on national newsstands by reflecting VIBE’s commitment to urban style, celebrity, beauty, and culture through a tabloid-themed publication. It will feature THE MOST of everything including THE MOST! Hype, THE MOST! Buzz, THE MOST! Style, THE MOST! News, and more. It’s a lifestyle and celebrity magazine featuring some of the most trendsetting stars in the world, THE MOST! is “urban” with pride and mega style. Featured on the cover of the premiere issue is one of hip hop’s most talked about couples — Nas and Kelis. 

On Stands: June 16

Sidebar: The Mrs. got a corporate upgrade

“Write that shit in your column!” © Lord Finesse


Eminem x Jay-Z Talk DJ Hero
At the 3:16 mark, Em and Jigga talk about their contributions to Activision’s DJ Hero video game.
“If this game would’ve came out back when I was a kid, I would’ve went to Target and stole it…along with my pink ‘Alf’ shirt.”— Marshall B. Mathers III