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Bishop Lamont Answers Questions From Fans


Don’t know if This was done before or after his severance from Mr. Young’s label. But, in the clip Bishop fields questions from fans. 

How can I get on a track with you? Preferably produced by Dr. Dre. Let me know

Dr. Dre charges half a million dollars a track, so that’s out…

*Digs in pocket…comes up with lint*

DJ Drama Speaks On His Relationship With Young Jeezy


DJ Drama spoke to Rollingout on his fickle relationship Mr. 17.5

“At times, it’s grown man business, we’re not always going to see eye to eye. He’s doing his thing. I’m doing my thing.”

Bonus: Check the archives!

Your relationship with DJ Drama has been rocky as of late. Have you guys since reconciled?

can agree to disagree. Drama alright. We spoke. He still the homie, my

nigga. I been on the road getting money, so I hear things and I

addressed it. I let him know how I felt and we pretty much kept it

moving from there. It wasn’t a problem cause if it were a problem you

woulda heard about it. Other than that, he’s getting his money and I’m

getting mine. Maybe sometime in the future we might work together.

Other than that, we just moving.