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Yelawolf Interview (RR SXSW)

Here’s my extensive chat with Alabama rap’s new sensation. Yellow Nigga and Yelawolf? It had to happen. Follow along as we build on his origin, influences, the pressure with being a white MC, and makin’ the right career moves once you gain a strong buzz. Peep dude on tour with Wiz Khalifa at a town near you. Hallerathim!

Bun B Noisemakers Interview (RR SXSW)

Peeped this morning that Peter Rosenberg let loose the last 3 minutes of his talk with Bun. Well, here’s the final 10 mins. In the first clip, Bun tells the story once again of how “Big Pimpin’” came to be in more detail than I ever heard before and, after the jump, he speaks on his upcoming collabo with Nas and Preemo. As you’ll see at the end, it’s whole career is dedicated to his partner Pimp C. Real niggaz […]