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Ghostface Killah On Self Branding

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This rap shit is like ziti and for years, folks have been eating off Ghosts’ plate. In the clip, Tony gives the secert to his relevancy and how he doesn’t mind you shark biters to make a lil’ C.R.E.A.M.

Jay Electronica x Just Blaze Live From Baseline Studios


Hey, I stopped by Mr. Smith’s studio to meet Jay Electronica this afternoon. The dynamic duo had been up all night workin’ on some tunes. One will hopefully debut tomorrow morning on The Morning After With Angela Yee on Shade 45. The above footage was put up by Just early in the sesssion, YN kept his flip cam in his pocket. For now. Insert devilish laugh.

Fabolous’ Loso Way: Styles P Disses Fab

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Last night, I attened Fabolous’ screening for his movie, Loso’s Way. And in case you ain’t know so, the flick’s a flop. Nontheless, here’s a clip of Styles P’s character dissing Fab; with what else? A Flip Cam. Hip-Hop, do you want to be a part of it?


Did Joe Budden Diss Method Man On Slaughterhouse Album?

A lot of people are hittin’ me about a tweet I wrote Monday so I just wanna clarify this situation. As we all know on Sunday, Meth and Mouse took a walk in the bushes and came away with a cease fire agreement. The next day, Joe went on his blog TV channel and amongst other chatter, mentioned that he feels bad that he forgot to inform Meth that he had a line in a Slaughterhouse song on the album that dissed him. He made it sound like it was more a sublim than an all out jab. He stated he wished he could change it given that he and Meth had just had a great private convo but it was too late. The album has already been delivered, pressed and mastered. Because of that fact, he said clear as day, he would reach out to Meth and give him the heads up.

Now the video is not available on Joe Budden’s blogTV, but I know what I saw on the livestream. I’m not tryin’ to stir any shit back up, but I know what I saw. This moment of clarity is over for now. I need to go figure out did Kelis really push Knight out yet. Tootles.

Ghostface Killah Explains “Message From Ghostface”

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“The bitch started talking back to me, B!”

Dennis clarifies that his song, “Message From Ghostface” wasn’t meant for Rhianna. Afterwards, he empathizes with Chris Brown and talks about how he used to smack his bitch up. No Prodigy.