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Tia Kemp’s Got 5 Minutes Left

I know her book is really coming out, but if we had a hip-hop board, I would have never approved this. SMH. And the sad thing is, I predicted this on Twitter awhile back. Can’t find it or prove it though. Search engine FAIL.

Brought to you by: ThisIs50

That’s right kids, whether you personally like a site or not has nothing to do with accreditation.

Related: Busta Rhymes Straight Stuntin’ Magazine Cover

Is Tia the flip cover of this? I gotta be honest, Kay Slay’s not my first choice on them newsstands. But you can’t knock his hustle.

Spencer Pratt Has A Rap Attack


Apparently this prick’s important, so Complex interviewed him.

Complex: You also said, “I’m like the white Jay-Z.” Would you consider Heidi the white Beyoncé?

Spencer Pratt: A little bit more than the white Beyoncé. Beyoncé had to be built by a group like Destiny’s Child, but Heidi shines solo. I’ll actually give you an exclusive: I could guarantee you Speidi’s [Spencer and Heidi's] “Bonnie & Clyde” version is going to stunt on Jay and B’s version.

Update: The Carter’s response.

Update: Amerie “Why R U?”

Hot 97’s Funk Flex just world preemo’d this. CDQ manana, but in the meantime take heed: this one sounds right to me. (Pardon the terrible cuts.)

Dear Summer,

Remember Amerie? She’s now signed to Def Jam. Album in August.

Make it hot,


{mp3}01 new amerie{/mp3}

CDQ To Tha Rescue. FTW!

{mp3}01 why r u – main{/mp3}