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JD Drowns In The Ocean


Janet’s boo is still jockin’ Jay-Z and has created the most bizarre supergroup in music history. I blame the man below for making me lose 5 minutes out of my precious life. Time to resurrect the memo: No more JD posts. No more music by the suckers.


B.Dot Edit: YN’s yellow bellied. This is dope!

Classic DJ Clue Mixtape Series

I don’t know about you, but I miss mixtapes. The real mixtapes, that were really CDs! Ah. Life before Drama. Ha! No shots. Shout-out to my solider O and the Canal Street and LES connects. We put that work in. And I got the 66 CD binders to prove it.

Gotty woke up this morning and got his digitize on. Here’s all of the DJ Clue Grand Theft Audio mixtape series.

Props Again: The Smoking Section

Hey, hit me if you got a mixtape request I might have to get my fingernails dirty again. Piracy Forever! For Promotional Use Only! Ha!

Cassie Nude Flicks Ain’t Helping Sales


A lotta speculation was out that Cassie and/or someone from the Bad Boy camp allegedly leaked those naked flicks in order to create a buzz for the pretty girl who can’t seem to get her second album out. Well, if that’s the case, it ain’t working. According to Billboard, she’s moving a steady 2,000 downloads a week. Not good. Maybe once the video up top (get it?) is complete and released, things will improve. But this joint looks far from the classic Puffy promised us. (Looks like they took video down but Diddy said it. I can prove it. Ha!)