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Exclusive Eminem New Single Info
Em 50

“Who’s the Rain Man? Where’s the Rain Man?”

So as you’ve seen in some previous reports, Em shot a video in Vegas with his buddies 50 Cent and Dr. Dre over the weekend and no it’s not for “Crack A Bottle.”

Hit the jump for the real info.

RR Video: Fat Joe plays Knicks’ Al Harrington “Hey Joe”


I was supposed to break “Hey Joe” first. But when I finally got it on Fri—come to find out—it was sent to everybody else too. Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper in Austin. Anyway, me and Crack go way back, so he threw a lil video my way on the olive branch tip. Shout-out to Sha from MTV who gets shouted out here.

Jadakiss Live at Fader SXSW


In super promo mode (Last Kiss Apr. 7), Yonkers’ finest brought along his fellow Lox brethren and a lotta of NYC swagger to this hip-hop Woodstock. (Insert Jada laugh)

You know the drill if ya want more.