• fullyautomatic

    Q look like he work @ Shell gas station lol..#TDE ALL DAY



  • novakaine

    Off top I’m cropping


    • Juice Crew

      How many rappers have ever been ‘put on’ by posting their soundcloud in the comments section? LMFAO Get the fuck outta here!

  • Word

    This interview was mad awkward. I hate when older heads do interviews and kinda sorta take jabs and young dudes and whatever trend. “New hipster…they like pink and wear skinnys…Mac Miller has pink hair..that’s your mans” what’re you implying?? You just sound so outdated and really aren’t making any sense. Interview could’ve been better but dudes questions and awkward side remarks plus the weak jokes sorta ruined it. Key gems: Raekwon on the album, its #1 in preorders, he loves his daughter, that’s it.

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    dude doesn’t know the difference between an oxymoron and a contracdiction

  • djdoit

    Daaaaaammmnnnn! Schoolboy says Mac Miller is gay??? Lmfao. And he’s your man?? wtf is going on?

  • Im God

    you can tell dude be on that lean in these interviews just mad laid be like he don’t give a fuck lol