New Music: Yelawolf “Box Chevy V”

box chevy v

Finding New Roads.

Yelawolf gases up his Chevorlet and dumps off the 5th installment of his “Box Chevy” series. This serves as the first release off his forthcoming LP, Love Story.

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  • MSG

    Really boring track

  • Your Father

    I really want Yelawolf to win but I really haven’t vibes with anything all the way since the Trunk Muzik EP. Something’s missing.

    • COCO WUM / Tanya

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      • Tanya

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  • LOL

    lovin the vibe of this track, one thing about Yela that stands out is he’s original.

  • Jon Tremblay

    This is nice. Best Box Chevy right behind Part 3

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Nice! I love all the Box Chevy tunes! This one is cool too! Yelawolf got the skillz!!!

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Wow I feel some great broad Eminiem-esque brush strokes here (sing-songy Chorus, “still’ Dre Reference,) That 3rd Chorus brings the dynamic up real-nice! I feel like Yelawolf found a good balance of accessibility here compared to the first ‘official’ album.

  • Limb0

    i like it. I feel like yela isnt really consistent these days but he has a few gems here and there

  • sQoolboy

    It’s a dope record…don’t know if it will do its purpose as a single though..

    • Real Spitter

      The Music speaks for itself .. That’s the only purpose .. There’s no commercial agenda here #LOVESTORY

      • sQoolboy

        yes you’re right in that…but the purpose of a single is also to introduce the album…while this record perfectly fits the box chevy series and might be an essential album cut, it just doesn’t get me too excited about the album..

      • homeboy

        Commercial Agenda is against the Law.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Hook reminds me of Outkast.

  • RealGeee

    This is good but Part 3 is mad.

  • Chronic

    It’s cool, but still not what I thought yelawolf was gonna turn into when I first heard pop the trunk 4 years ago

  • gangsta bama

    he done! its really over for him

  • Franky Gettys

    He trying so hard to be everyone but himself… I can hear the Kendrick/Eminem that he swagga jacking its not cool at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • catfish

    Loove It!! Looove Storyy Hallleeerrrrr

  • catfish

    like the guitar part!!!

  • Toni Strandman

    love the vibe.. repeat!!

  • Jason Bowles

    Love yela but box 5 kinda sux!!

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    I love Yelawolf.

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