• el jim chapo guzman

    99 percent of this guy fan base is weirdos.

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

    Did anyone know that he is biracial? Half white, half black? Mixed?

    • There’s no such thing as biracial …..he’s black…remember back in the day one drop of African blood made you black

      • Real

        He’s more white than he is black. Plus he looks like a whiteboy. He white bruh

        • Look up the one drop rule….educate yourself “bruh”

          besides who gets to define black identify anyway?

          • Real

            Fuck that. Logic is white as fuck bruh

      • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

        I’m just talking shit because he mentioned it on almost every track on this joint.

      • polopolo1

        That was a law made by man not by god,

        Happy he did his numbers but I still don’t fuck wit em, music sucks

  • This guy is Steph Curry

  • Frank Yoster

    Blk mumble rappers must be choked…u dont got bars…u aint gonna sell albums…u mumble rap..u can have a few singles and ur done..

  • Dark Knight

    Listen to Logic’s old work. The young sinatra series is one of the most legendary mixtape of all time. Anyway this album was fire. Congrats to Logic