• OK..

    you guys were kinda late on this one but anyways this was fucking dope

  • G

    Most of these kids these days have no idea who Ken Griffey Jr is. SMH. Dope commercial though.

  • Johnny Bench

    ^Yea, hes the asshole that fucked over my Reds for like 8 seasons straight.

    Na, Im just kidding, nobody can do anything about an injury, much less that many of them. I just wish we didnt pay SO damn much for him those first several years. Or, I mean, it wouldve been cool if he kept playing like he did in Seattle lol

  • yeah boi

    cool commercial…griffey will always will be one of the best

  • Big Homie Oak [Fuck Boys Thinkin They Bitch Next]

    Ken Griffey Jr. is a legend.

    That commercial was pretty dope actually and the song was pretty ill too.

  • Belize

    This dope!

  • Tiiz

    Lol @ oddball Chris Bosh and his sympathy cameo.

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  • J.

    fuck footlocker