New Music: Papoose “2012 Obituary”

As always, Papoose recognizes the souls we tragically lost this year on his annual obituary. His album Nacirema Dream finally drops March 5.

R.I.P.: Jimmy CastorEtta JamesWhitney HoustonDick ClarkAdam “MCA” YauchChuck BrownDonna SummerLil PhatRodney King l  KMGMs. Melodie l  Aaron Michael CoxSherman HemsleyNatina ReedMajor HarrisCapital STEEZ and more.

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  • Pap pose

    Wack smh

  • pp

    “Papoose’s career obituary”

  • pp

    “Hey Papoose, 2004 called – it doesn’t want you back”

  • deez

    i remember when u couldnt escape the first one being played on hot 97 nd power 105, literally…

  • pp

    …I’m here all night folks

  • iamlegend24

    Pap it’s ova seriously no hate

  • Devante

    Perfect example of why you should strike while the iron is hot… In 06 he could have easily moved 30k first week independently but he wanted to keep it “street” and left a nice deal on the table.

  • ss

    add meek mill to this obituary

  • Kemosabi

    Does anyone remember the first release date for pap’s album? Lol

  • ANTONY2298


    (THIS IS NOT FAKE) Get Paid To Watch Porn At , Any Questions?

  • http://Twitter EarlJohnson

    Get paid to watch porn. Your a flat out weirdo. Gook luck with that

  • Joe Lake

    God bless you Papoose. Hows the income coming?

  • Buggin Out!

    We already Get Paid To Watch Porn… with a Nut!

  • floridaboy

    RIP to all the legends

  • GreenThumb

    its good to hear some positive music

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    @ Big Homie

    The Sherman Hemsley link is wrong. It’s another link to Natina Reed

  • Oj da Cornball

    respect for doing that

    better than old gossip wrap up

  • static

    yall stupid saying a song wack when he showing love to legends its called music hating asses..

  • pp


    ..its called trying to stay relevant.

    ..its called pandering.

  • http://Yahoo Kaybee

    Fuck y’all dissing Poose!!! He fucking went in

  • Joe Lake

    ^ should’ve went in with Remy. Too soon? Sorry

  • Joe Lake

    (I immediately regret that comment, please don’t laugh)

  • It’s the roc

    Good message, bad messenger.

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  • Wolf

    2004 called they want there stupid saying back

  • Kicks Addict


  • Kicks Addict

    Yall niggas are some hating ass people yo! It was a dope f-in record. I bet u if Hov or Esco did it yall would’ve praised it. Stop hating man. Give shit credit, even if u dont like duke.

  • Loch

    This is cool.RIP to all the ppl who died.beat is cool.Lyrics tight.I can’t front on him.
    Loch 50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine My Life freestyle:

  • http://Yahoo Kaybee

    @ Joe Lake, u a pussy

  • recordpusher

    Why all the hate on Papoose? Just curious…

  • Traveller

    Whew…. I’m so glad no white people died this year.

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