MC Lyte Talks Chris Dorner On CNN

Former LAPD officer Chris Dorner is (or was) the most wanted in America. After going on a murderous spree, he was allegedly killed by authorities. MC Lyte appeared on CNN yesterday to discuss the case and the support surrounding it.

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  • @Lmao

    He was allegedly burned alive in a cabin fire dumbass. Which wasn’t him. It was put on the news to calm the hysteria. He’s not dead. He’s off the radar. #ghost #intelligent hop off the mainstream shitty hiphop and watch the news, not only when rick ross gets shot at.

  • rahrahrah

    No one supports Dorner. What we support is his words. His words. Some of his characterization of the LAPD is frighteningly accurate. If anyone has lived in LA they know someone who has been abused by the LAPD, or they have been personally abused by the LAPD.

    It is as simple as that.

  • shouldnt be saying “he actually doesn’t sound too crazy”, not a good look..

  • hitsquad

    I respect a cop killer

  • Marko-V

    No one cares why MC Lyte is on the panel? She’s from NY and has no credentials whatsoever.


  • The real topic here is…


    She looks better than ALL of the female MC’s AND singers around right now. I’ve heard that black don’t crack, but DAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYUUUUUM!!!!!!!!

  • Haberdashery

    @Buggin out, co-sign. MC Lyte looks great and she’s 42 years old. Nicki’s already cracked and Kim Lauryn and Foxy look terrible. Lesson: No plastic surgery, no drugs, stay out of jail and you can maintain your shit. For real.

  • Judge Dredd

    “We have the law, we have the law, we have the law” said the wicked witch of the west.

    P.S….He committed suicide before the cabin burnt down, police report a single shot heard before the fire ya bush.

  • real1

    Shit was all staged. They coming for our 2nd admendmant the right to bear arms. FEMA camps are real. Open your eyes to what’s going on. Tel-Lie-Vision with the 3 second delay.