J.Cole Makes “Power Trip” Beat

Inside the lab, J.Cole breaks down the production and recreates the instrumental for his single, “Power Trip“. If you haven’t yet, peep the video here. Born Sinner June 25. And should Hov rock to that track at the end? Newsies, they go hard.

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  • paulydee


  • Josh T

    The beat end for Jay-Z is crazy man!

  • Donn


    “That’s hot too”


  • fuck flex

    beat is trash

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Donn
    that’s funny.

  • Drake Fan

    great beat

  • wizsucks

    Jayz not touching that last beat, too cheesy

  • the brain trust

    That ‘Power Trip’ beat>>>>>

    The potential beat for Jay sounds cold too.

  • Black Shady

    COLE WORLD!!! we bout to kill this summer

  • Slowbot10

    I think he bullshiting on that beat being for J unless he heard it already and passed on it…cuz if J hadn’t heard it already Cole wouldn’t be playing it…that joint prolly for Cole’s second single

  • Slim Baller

    I don’t like j cole BUT power trip is dope and so is the beat

  • Respect

    Best rapper and producer in the game

  • Tev Milli

    damn that was hot….
    that beat at the end tho….
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • Slim Baller

    ^No and No

  • Reed rede

    Last beat for jay was straight trash broo, no way jays gone hop on that hot garbage shit… Maybe try big Sean’s fruity ass

  • Light-skinned Jermaine did his thing on “Power Trip” no question.

    Tell ’em Brooklyn’s on the way is tough too tho…

  • headedhard

    Song is a hit, J.Cole is top 5.

  • Troofy

    Power trip Sounds very forced and formulaic but hiphop fans just hungry for fastfood so let the music play!

  • DenCo

    power trip is a hit. no doubt about it

    that last beat that he made for jay though
    so tough!!

  • Chris

    Best single of the year so far.

  • Loves All Music

    So dope. And that beat at the end! Woooooooo!!!!

  • Waymond

    Ehhhhhh it’s okay. Not great, not bad.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Great video. Tight song and beat.

    Not feeling that Jay beat though. Lil corny.

  • King

    Genuis. Cole World.

  • The Black Skip Bayless

    Power trip is dope and so is the video but why j Cole always trying to put jay z on wack beats. First Mr nice watch now this? Don’t get cut off from verses Cole you too nice

  • King

    ^ actually J Cole never wanted Jay on Mr Nice Watch

  • eat a D

    hahaha j cole stans kill me with that genius talk homeboy is average as hell,power trip is SHEEEIIIT except miguel’s moist hook

  • Word

    @eat a D – Miguel sounded “moist” to you huh? Boooyyy that was a suspect comment.

    That Jay beat sounded dope when it dropped though. Can’t see Jay on it though, maybe Cole ought to keep it for himself.

  • Honestly

    Powertrip is a classic

  • matrix

    Nigg said it was shit except for miguels hook……that cole wrote…smh…dumbass…Chuuch…

  • michelle michelle

    Love Powertrip beat. I’m very curious what will happen with the beat for Jay.

  • flawda

    That beat for Jay-z is trash, it has the quality of a Eminem beat.

    J Cole pride in his production is dellusional. You have access to Timbaland, Just Blaze, Kanye, Jhalil Beats, No I.D.,etc but you’re using your bland ass beats with your bland ass drums.

  • cole got hella yes men tho

  • FTW

    Yeah, I noticed the plethora of yes men in the session. The beat is dope tho, so we can’t really tell, not like the shit didn’t deserve a yes. Cole could be one of the great hip hop producers. Not just great, I mean GREAT like Preme, Ye, 9th, Al, Hav, Dion, Dilla, Jus, Pete, Extra P, Rza, etcetera… Cole got it.

  • The Wise

    not big on cole…but hes deff a nice producer no doubt about it

  • lickit

    one of the nicest producers….and one of the best rappers.

  • skinny

    This guys gonna be around for a long time he’s just so pure about his music which you don’t really get now

  • watchthethrone

    Reafirming my pure love for Cole

  • gbaby

    I’m a Cole fan but that beat for jay is a great idea but poorly executed.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Newsies – “Brooklyn’s Here” corny sample but Cole’s my nigga, should of sampled Hoodie Allen – “No Faith In Brooklyn”.


    Keep hating this boy, please. He is creating masterpieces off of it, Power Trip is the song of 2013 so far.

  • J. Cole production has always been nice. Dude produces shit dat has his own sound, doesn’t sound like anybody elses shit and its soulful making it so good to ride too.

    I fuck with Cole, that beat for Jay though, Jay will never get on that unless he does something different with the sample. He has a good idea but it doesn’t come off hard, there is some cheese to that shit.

    I love Cole’s production how it is but he should definitely do more co-production aswell, just to keep it fresh and make his sound bigger. Kanye is maad busy but if he could get in the lab with Kanye and No I’d on some co-production shit, it would be epic.

  • How do you think that Jay wouldn’t hop on an edited version of that final beat… Tell them Brooklyn’s on the way

    Jay values Brooklyn above all, so he would smash that track even if it was a track on J.Cole’s album

  • Post no billz

    Dam got that tell em Brooklyns on the way stuck in my head already.. good looking on this post I like to see the creative process

  • SlowBot10

    Yes men? These dudes have been around him for over a decade…Elite is a fellow producer and he was actually giving some incite on why he felt the beat was dope..In which it is so what else would you expect them to say?

  • howsitfeel

    you’re sitting at home/dorm/your terribly awful mind numbing job while …

    a young nigga from the ville made his dreams come true
    a group of friends makes music with a world famous rapper
    all parties involved get PAID to do so.

    how’s it feel?



    ya’ll getting panties in a bunch over a beat that played for all of 25 seconds?

    you 90’s babies need some guidance.

  • LateOrchestrations

    you guys are fucking idiots if you don’t think that last beat for jay went h.a.m.

  • vvho

    cant believe people are saying the end was wack, its no wacker than Hard knock life lol. Only thing that might have been wack about it was the intro, sounded too cartoony

  • gabriel

    i think that jay beat tight but u might need from the originator of sample bangers like just blaze to fix the shit out of it. and it’s kinda soft. shit woulda been nice when jay was actually into beats like this years ago. now these beats ain’t really poppin no more. but u never know…

  • james

    All you haters probably like waka and soulja girl

  • Everett

    man some of yall are buggin that beat at the end for Jay is fuckin bananas Jay-Z needs to uses that it should be Track #1 beats like this is what will bring hip-hop creativity back not this Casio shit people got out now…J.Cole is bringing that bounce back we need that Timbaland is my favorite all time but he on that pop shit…this is what I need right here ” Brooklyn’s is on the way ” with this one…