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Future “March Madness”

In a year of unfettered violence on black bodies, we’re constantly reminded that life can be taken away at any second, by anyone, for any reason, or for none at all. It’s shocking and depressing, but Future’s “March Madness” bundles up all those feelings and throws them back at you.

Future x Drake “Where Ya At”

The highlight of Future’s “Where Ya At” video is, without a doubt, DJ Esco, as he shuffles across the screen with a hand in your face. The chemistry he has with Metro Boomin, the other dancing figure in the background of the video, is obvious, and in tandem they demonstrate a friendship that’s much deeper than rap.

Big Sean “Play No Games”

If you want to pull the heartstrings of your audience, play on nostalgia. That’s what director Mike Carson did for this video, and by remaking the Martin sitcom from the mid-‘90s, he handed Big Sean one of the best music videos of the year.

Young Thug: Slime Season

Slime Season isn’t what we thought it would be. Initially supposed to be produced entirely by London On Da Track, it’s final form features tracks from a number of different producers, giving the tape a much less cohesive feel than the excellent Barter 6 from earlier this year. But that’s okay – Thug’s style is often hard to digest for too long, so Slime Season is better seen as a collection of singles, most of which leaked before the tape […]

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