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T-Pain’s Golf Cart Accident?

T-Pain didn’t show up for last night’s concert in San Jose leaving his homie Lil Wayne hangin’ on his I Am Music Tour. But it appears he had a good reason. There’s a rumor, he fell out of a golf cart scrapped up his arm and lost some teeth. Guess niggas don’t belong on golf courses. Ha!

Bonus: An awful T-Wayne collabo off the new mixtape, My Face Can’t Be Felt.

“He Raps, He Sings” (YN Vomits In His Mouth)


Props: Dre


Throwback Video: New Edition “Candy Girl” (Studio Jam Session)


Speaking of Candy Girls, here’s rare footage of New Edition fuckin’ around in the studio and re-creating their first monster hit. I didn’t even know they could play instruments. Ralph T on drums. Ricky Bell on keyboards. And the future Mr. Whitney Houston  Bobby Brown on bongos?! I can’t believe this is real. It’s surreal. But even if it’s fake it’s still amazing. Happy Saturday!

RR Exclusive: E!’s Candy Girls Clip

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Yup, YN knows a lil something about video chicks. Here’s an excluisve clip from the fourth episode of E!’s Candy Girls which airs on Sunday’s at 10:30 EST. Pretty girls arguing over fried chicken? Must see TV!

RR Photos From Young Jeezy’s Next Two Videos

Here’s a flick from Young Jeezy’s new video for “Get Allot (Remix)” which features his CTE artists Boo Rossini and Roccett. Shot yesterday in Atlanta by director Gabriel Hart.

Photo: Thaddeaus McAdams from

Another flick from that vid after the jump and a look from the set of Jeezy’s video for “Don’t You Know.”

Run-DMC’s Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Co-Signs


2 straight Run-DMC posts in 2009. Who knew? Anyway we all know Eminem is inducting Run-DMC into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame on April 4 and Fuse TV got the Queens legends to give them their future hip-hop picks to one day join them.

DMC: OutKast

Run: Jay-Z and… You’re gonna have to watch.

Noted: Notes From A Different Kitchen

Sidebar: Do these guys know they’re actually gonna have to stand next to each other during the ceremony? Smh.

Old School Salute: Run-D.M.C.’s Classic Debut

Wow 25 years ago today an album came out that changed my life. Growing up in Queens, Run-DMC was simply the shit to me. They could do no wrong. The word idolize doesn’t even begin to explain my devotion to them. Besides Michael Jackson, they were the first music act that I was truly a fanatic of. Every record they put out was life-changing to me. “It’s Like That.” “Sucker MC’s.” I remember riding in a car back and forth from baseball practice with my best friend Frank Valentin reciting the lyrics to “Rock Box” as loud as possible. We just couldn’t believe someone was rhyming over guitars. Guitars!

Back then, Run-DMC’s success was hip-hop’s success. They had the entire culture on their back and not only did they carry it, they broke the doors down to the mainstream and made it clear that hip-hop wasn’t a fad. And it all began with this self-titled debut. I used to stare at the album cover like a mental patient. Why was Run written over the top of a picture of DMC and vice versa? Why was Jam Master Jay’s picture on the back of the album when they made a whole song about him? How could they make such a mistake I thought? It bothered me. Ha!