Al Lindstrom’s 2011 6th Man Of The Year

We’re back on Al Lindstrom’s couch and this time we’re discussing this year’s 6th Man Of The Year. Joe makes a good case for his nominee. What do you think?

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  • Crazy Homeless Person

    I thought I heard somebody say No ID at the beginning of the video, and that struck me as a really good choice. But then again, I give Nicki Minaj absolutely no credit whatsoever, so it would be kinda hard for me to say what she did this year. It did seem like she was a lot more popular this time last year, tho.

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  • Crazy Homeless Person

    Oh nevermind, it was B.Dot, saying “Meek”. Well in that case, I hereby submit No ID as my candidate for 6th Man of the Year. Unorthodox, picking a producer, but did you see anybody else dropping 2 full albums this year?

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  • guest

    what the fuck is wrong with people these days ? nicki minaj is not gonna be the best at anything ..i mean – flatscreen plasma asthma – clever .. she

  • belly

    so nicki is the 6th man when she outsold EVERYBODY beside wayne, what since does that make, i’d give it to cole or big sean, they put up some good numbers but they aint starting yet




  • Black Shady

    LOL they say people in the comments/fans are fucking up the game…but its actually the fuckin bloggers who give artists like Nicki Minaj so much props. I mean yeah shes constantly on the radio….WITH POP RECORDS!!!!!!!!!! Superbass and those records with David Guetta…this aint hip hop. stop thinking about how many singles she sold and shit, and focus on the skills and the quality of the body of work…its gettin annoying

    C’mon man……….

  • I’ll give it to wale ar big sean…nicki minaj also did her thing this year but she annoys the fuck out of any reasonable man…she still got that ass though…

  • Word

    Define 6th man of the year? How can you have a category like this? Its such a vague concept in the music industry. In sports, its simple. 6th man. 12th man. Whatever. Its obvious. The dude whos not the starter but contributes like he is one. Or the fans that play just as much of a part in the victory as the actual players. But comparing sports to music doesnt work. Its tough.

    In sports you can look at stats and Wins and Losses and say “Yeah, hes MVP” or Defensive Player of the Year or whatever. But with music? What stats are there? Sales? Sales arent always the end all be all. Wayne sold a Milli first week, but how many would say he has album of the year? Ppl would say Take Care, Cole World, or WTT before C4.

    My pick for 6th man would be either Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Slaughterhouse (I would count the group as one man) Meek, or Tyler the Creator. Dudes that are poised for break out projects next year but also dropped quality shit as if they’re heavy hitters. Not the Kobe’s or Lebrons of music but still did drop dope material (With decent sales from Miller and Tyler) and should have TONS of exposure next year.

  • Word

    (Im going off the definition of 6th Man in music as ppl who didnt have a HUGE splash in the year but made noise and should have great years next year. Big KRIT should also be mentioned. Curren$y too)

  • I would give it to nicki she did her thing most improved should go to J Cole.

  • UNGH

    I think Meek MIll deserved it.

  • Fuck Noah

    I give it to Joe Puma’s Butt Chin….. after all its the place were all his shitty ideas come from

  • Nicki Minaj is a starter on Young Money so I don’t know wtf ya’ll are talking about. What about Frank Ocean?

  • M.T

    meek mill should be 6th man of the year.

  • Original Will

    1.6 Million dont really see that as a 6th Man i mean she sold more than Drake or as much and Drake is up there with MVP Status and she is getting calls that Drake wshouldve got during his thanc me later stage i mean 6th Man dont get songs with Madonnas and Kanye and Hov simultaneously she was the only rapper to rap with The Throne and Bodied both of them

    I think Nicki needs to start speaking up and stop claiming the best female spot and she need to say she going for the best spot i mean by no means are the bars there anymore at least but she has the sales and the popularity and success to go for that spot Kanye Wayne and Drake fighting over she belittles herself when she say she the best female rapper thats like me shouting bout being a milllionaire in a room full of min wage workers

    I think Meek, Pusha T, and if its Young Money Case Wayne, Nicki, Drake are the starters and sad to say Tyga would be a sixth man on that Team

  • Mario

    someone like Meek Mill or Big krit would’ve made more sense but whatever. granted i dont like her music you cant deny that nicki’s a certified starter

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