• 1st hoe

  • Garentea

    Yup. Source Cover Man Of The Year back to back… MVP Rozay is killing it.

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  • Truth

    Drake…like my mans said he put out an album …Rozay didn’t… Drake Album was universal acclaimed and he made the list of best albums of the year…Self Made didn’t…its not like i’m a Drake Stan or I hate Rozay its just facts…i fuck with Ross and MMG its just Drake was on the biggest song of the year…if he didn’t sing the hook for ” I’m on One ” it wouldn’t have been as big as it was



  • Sam I Am

    Not enough choices or in depth arguments for me to agree, so I cant agree with Drake or Ross being MVP really.

  • Well, in MY opinion


    I don’t care what people have to say. Drake’s “Take Care” is a Good Album. Period

    Fuck all that “Soft this” “R&B that” “Sade 2011” bullshit. Whatever. That is a Good album. I can understand why that dude wanted to give it a 5 mic rating

    I would give it a Classic mark had he of put “Trust Issues”, “Dreams Money can buy”, and “Club Paradise” in the mix

    Image those records mixed in with the rest.


  • Word

    MMG “guys”? Wale and Meek to an extent were the only ones that did work. People STILL don’t know who Pill is. Ross did decent but come on here.

  • sexandoj

    rozay killed it this year, next year it’s either kanye’s or ross’ year

  • Keith

    Let’s stop talking about art in sports terms, haha. Like, it would have been interesting if they had put on the MMG compilation and Drake’s Take Care and analyzed them track-by-track and discussed the artistic merits or lack thereof of both. It’s easy to dismiss Take Care as an album just “for the ladies,” but once you actually put it on and analyze the writing, the production, the melodies, the themes, and the mood, you realize it’s a great piece of music. That’s like writing off Andre’s “The Love Below” as an album just “for the ladies.”

    So, yes, if it’s between Rozay and Drake, I’ve got to give it to Drake.

  • Berklee

    ^art?? the artistry was lost a long time ago. u cant call this shit art, cuz u can barely call it music. sorry to all the kids being forced to grow up with such a shitty soundtrack. n if it wasn’t for the producer’s out there, the majority of artists wouldnt even exist. rr wouldn’t post such garbage.

  • Keith

    Basically what I’m trying to say is that I would have preferred it if they had discussed who was the MVP based on who put out better music. Rather than just being like, “Rick Ross was hot this year and got a big reception at Summer Jam,” or being like “Drake made an album for chicks,” they should have actually sat down and analyzed the music like real music critics.

    For example, let’s take “I’m A Boss”by MMG and “Marvin’s Room” by Drake for example. “I’m A Boss” is full of braggadocio clich

  • Tracy

    B.dot SMDH really you choosing the CO over the mellow man

  • Keith

    Basically what I’m saying is that I would have preferred it if they had discussed who was the MVP based on who put out better music. Rather than being like “Rick Ross was hot this year and got a good reception at Summer Jam” and “Drake made an album for chicks,” they should have actually analyzed the music put out by these two guys this year.

    For example, let’s compare “I’m A Boss” by MMG to “Marvin’s Room” by Drake. “I’m A Boss” is full of braggadocio clich

  • Uh oh

    The fact that B. Dot had to put “Say what you want…” is proof that the statement that follows is going to be bullshit. Im really tired of biased hip hop sites.

  • M.T

    Ross for MVP? um no. Between Ross and Drake, Drake had a better year than Ross. if u need proof, listen to “I’m On One”, “Marvins Room”, and his critically acclaim album Take Care. People obviously gunna dismiss Take Care cuz of the mellow rnb vibe but i’ll rather listen to that then Ross talk about his cars and his money anyday. Drake for MVP.

  • Truth

    @Keith i co-sign that fam…its sad how ” hip-hop blogs” are so biased…and how they try to discredit Drake but knowing that they ALL bump Drake in some form…

  • Trin

    @Keith Who really is to say what is or what isnt art. Isnt it in all a preference? You cite examples like Childish Gambino but Im not a fan I wont say its not “art” to you but to me its not my cup of tea. Reall there is “art” in whatever comes out musically just others come out in diff ways. To call rap’s MVP its simple you have to go by what and who was hot. In the 90’s I dont recall people artistically breaking down lps as a mean to make that decision

    As for MVP honestly I’m not in ANY way a Ross fan but given the choices they had You almost gotta go with Ross. The argument of him not dropping an LP is a lil null simply because even without an LP Ross got BIG. I wouldn’t call MMG an empire that is a REAL stretch but he did stay super relevant with all that music.

    But In reality if you break down the year in to quarters you will see diff artists too rule at diff points of the year. So its much harder than Drake vs Ross.

  • Trin

    and to end it off Just cuz something is “creative” doesnt give it an automatic dope card.

  • phraynkhp

    criticily acclaimed r u kidding me?!? post 1 blog or review giving him anything over 3 stars that shi was luke warm at best….. Section 80 liveloveasap returnof4eva best shit to drop this year

  • ImLaffinOutLoud


    “Take Care” was a great piece of work, but I think they chose beyond their music, but overall work done. Ross should have won solely off of putting both Wale & Meek on in a major way. He took Wale from selling 20,000 in a week to 200,000 in a week. Meek went from killin the streets to killin EVERY track he’s touched in the mainstream ALL YEAR … AND Ross managed to take his own game to another level as an artist all at the same time. Ross last album was Dope 2.

    ^^^ This alone is why Ross should have won over Drake. Though I am a HUGE Drake fan.

  • M.T

    “Take Care received general acclaim from music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 81, based on 29 reviews, which indicates “universal acclaim”.Rolling Stone writer Jon Dolan complimented its “luxe, expansive production” and stated, “Drake stretches out over languid, austerely plush tracks that blur hip-hop, R&B and downtempo dance music.” Rolling stone gave him 4 out of 5 stars. Some of those albums u named are arguably better than Take Care but Drake deserves the mvp of 2011 which was my whole point.

  • kayandgee

    right choice most def

  • Obama

    Crazy how nobody even wanna mention yelawolf’s name

  • Public

    ^I’m gonna take that as a joke.

  • SjjR

    This is exemplary that these guys have no freakin’ idea about hip-hop at all.