Al Lindstrom’s 2012 Rookie Of The Year & Most Improved

It’s that time of the year again. Al Lindstrom rounded up myself, Joe La Puma, Combat Jack, Jayson Rodriguez, and Jeff Sledge for 2012 honors. In this first clip, we debated this year’s Rookie of The Year and Most Improved. Needless to say, we didn’t see eye to eye. Check it out!

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  • Steve

    B.Dot too much of a “hip hop purist” lol, but Sosa def deserved rookie of the year


    they hate chief keef. i didnt even bother watching past 2 minutes.
    fucking old people

  • Tbones

    B.Dot didnt even make his presence felt as regards the rookie of the year. Joey Badass takes it imo.
    Am sure i heard Bdot talk about himself being athletically superior to D.Dot on CombatJack, not impressed. Pause.
    Al Lindstrom needs to step his vocab game up and to an extent his reasoning up. How is Nas gona fall into the category of most improved. HHID and Untitled were solid projects and as Combat said, cos he set his own bar too high and now drops a spectacular album; LIG dont mean he should be in a most improved category. Them other niggas in the building said as much.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Steve that’s what we’re lacking “Hip-Hop purist.”

  • paulwall

    chief keef is defo not rookie of the year you are crazy , although lova sosa is really catchy , he is probably in the top 5 worst rappers ever.

  • JustMyOpinion

    *dead* @ “chief Keef MIXTAPE.”. Haaaa

  • Nathaniel

    all be doin’ is naysaying lol. nigga you’re like the angry guy who is anti-every thing.

    macklemore? dog… let’s get something straight:

    macklemore had a great year, but his influence on HIP HOP CULTURE is nada. the white rappers will more than likely always do their thing. they can get on all the stations we can’t, and their appeal to white suburbia is tantamount. but Black rappers move, affect, influence, guide, and have presence in Black culture. it’s just a cultural thing. as a nigga, you should understand that by now. what you personally listen to in your ipod has no bearing on what is making noise out here in these streets.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ B.Dot there you again: lack of objective. Work on that son. I’ll save this link for you, in 12 months, ill remind you of your lack of objectivity.

    No disrespect intended at all. Just a statement.

  • Rap Game Shawn Kemp

    Big Sean is OVERRATED and he spit little kid bars…His bars only impress teenagers.

    MERCY WAS NOT THAT HOT THOUGH,how the fuck ya’ll let 2 chainz have the best verse? How is that even possible???

  • up

    valued opinions of old men talking about a young man’s game…tru story…

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ difficult to take someone serious with a HILFIGER shawl on. SMH

  • Devante

    Chief Keef is trash.. Being that he went from recording videos in his living room to having an album drop on Innerscope a couple mouths later he deserves it…

  • M.T

    i aint a fan of chief keef’s music like that but i say he deserves rookie of the year. Big Sean is a hit or miss for me with his features. “Mercy” was hot but his verse was kinda wack to me. He was good on “Clique” and “I Don’t Like Remix” tho. After his finally famous album, i wrote him off but after some of his features and that detroit mixtape, i would say he deserves most improved.

  • M.T

    @ B.Dot there you again: lack of objective. Work on that son. I’ll save this link for you, in 12 months, ill remind you of your lack of objectivity.

    No disrespect intended at all. Just a statement.
    This entire discussion is a matter of opinion hence why it was difficult for them to even agree. I dont see how you can be objective on a topic like this. Also bloggers are allowed to have an opinion too.

  • this is 50

    dam bdot look like they had him in time out do be scyrd

  • the brain trust

    1. B. Dot was useless in this. Scowling and whining like a little girl for 15 mins. Oh & get Jay’s dick out your mouth nigga.

    2. Mercy wasn’t hot? What about it wasn’t hot? That’s the blueprint for good, commercial hip hop IMO.

    3. As much as I hate Chief Keef’s music, yeah he’s rookie of the year. (Such a shame)

    4. Some idiot said 2012 was not a good year for music. Fuck you listening to? This was one of the best hip hop years in recent memory.

  • Da Business

    I actually agree w/ both the choices.

    I mean I’ve never listen to Keef outside of the GOOD remix but, this kid has been all over the place this yr. Like that one dude said, he was just in ur face for the better part of this yr.

    As far as Big Sean goes, u can’t front on his grind. He definitely was in the passenger sit in the GOOD Vehicle. Which I thought was reserved for Pusha T before this yr started. Detroit was dope as well.

  • this nigga

    kanye bodied clique….

  • That B. Dot nigga know his shit. There is hope.

  • Clos1881

    How you gonna have nas in most improved when he has the greatest discography in rap history

  • Nick

    y’all are straight retards if you think kanye didn’t have the best verse on clique…get off jays lazy ass

  • GTFO

    This shows that B. Dot has the worst judgement on whats hot. Still riding that Macklemore cause hipsters bought the album. Then not giving BIG SEAN his just due on Clique. LOL

  • chan reminds me of Kevin Heart! hahahahaha

  • All ya’ll niggas are stupid as shit, how can you even mention a 2012 rookie of the year without mentioning kendrick lamar like really? Debut outsold every other hip hop album this year, had the best features and guest appearance’s, released an acclaim album, got co-sign by damn near every west coast legend, had 2 big singles on billboard and headlined a tour! Fuck them and there opinions but sean definitely is most improved they right about that

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    Hoy shit this was painful to watch. At least B Dot brings some balance to this dick riding session.. First off to even mention Nas as most improved is fuckin blasphemy, also Its embarrassing to see grown men say Big Sean was ‘cute’ last year and this year he was ‘mean’??? He did his thing but mean?? Jesus Christ get a grip..



  • NA95

    I know A$AP’s mixtape dropped last halloween, but I’d give him a nomination too. That niggas albums gonna be dope.

  • Marko-V

    Yo I totally agree. Pusha most improved and reestablished himself this year.


  • 11

    this nasal rap trend needs to stop. burn big sean!

  • d’evill

    b dot had nothing constructive to say to the topic. at least put some reasoning behind your opinions, other than just saying he’s “wack”.

    the other guys had it pretty spot on i think.

    b dot step your debate game up son……

    • B.Dot

      @d’evill There’s a thing called editing numb nuts,

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  • LooksLikeWealth

    Pusha bodied Mercy hands down the delivery of his opening line is just crazy killed Big Sean’s entire verse.

    I’m not totally convinced by Big Sean as the most improved rapper of the year.Personally i feel he benefits from the star quality around him.It’s easy to be visible to people when you do songs with Jay-z and Ye Features.He is aight nothing special Nas though showed a remarkable improvement by shifting the subject matter of his album into a more personal progressive body of work.The sincerity and realism was second to none.

  • The Truth

    I never hear B Dot say anything insightful. He’s like a less nerdy and less thorough Byron Crawford. Everytime I hear him on the mic, he’s complaining about some shit. Both on here and on the Combat Jack Show, his whole rap is on some “what!!! You crazy!!! That nigga _____ is trash!!!” program. Now I see him on video, he reminds me of that hater nigga character on the Chappelle Show.

    He ain’t contribute shit to that round table. No original thoughts. Only grimace faces and winces about niggas propping Big Sean and Chief Keef. Say B Dot…that’s that shit I don’t like. Get a take nigga.

    (Yes my whole post was as thoroughly negative as the average B Dot statement)

  • ballerboy

    yo b-dot is a fucking dick head clown azz nigga..

  • YMCMB_#1STUNNA The “old ppl” created hip hop and have the most right to define the culture youngin.

    Sorry yall except wack ass rappers who have no skill in the art of rapping.Chief will be forgotten in 2 yrs.has nothing to do with age.Dude ain’t saying shit
    Loch – My Life Freestyle

  • Peekay

    Respect B-Dot’s opinion on Rookie of the Year . Keef is WACK!

    Too late to suggest Kendrick as Rookie of the Year? He had the best album of the year IMO.

  • d’evill well if it was edited and your views weren’t portrayed in the video, then you clearly didn’t have anything to bring to the discussion.

    you still doing your thing tho bruh. i mean i visit your site daily. just don’t think this was your finest hour thats all. no need to get defensive.

  • Chris

    B-Dot comes off as such a herb in this. He asks what Chief Keef did, yet he supports Macklemore, who sold a shitload of records to a non-rap cac audience. Talk to me when he makes an impact in rap/BLACK music.

  • nigga what

    where the fuck is ASAP Rocky he been on everything ysll niggas suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ROOKIE OF The Year ASAP ROCKY and so what his mixtape came out in october 2011

  • yaboy said nothing except make faces throughout this whole video except when jayz came up and then he leapt on that soapbox

  • Courso

    Jeff Sledge dressed like a fuckin 6th grade nerd talkin like a fuckin retard

  • cheeeese

    Chief keef has a buzz right now, but he’ll never be on Souljah boys’ level even. Souljah boy had a #1 song on the hot 100, chief keef will NEVER have a #1 record. his album wont hardly sell shit, and he’ll only be popular in the ghettos & clubs. thats it. As for Big sean. yes he did step his game up this year. he dropped a dope mixtape plus “Mercy” and “Clique” are two of the hottest rap singles this year, and he made his presense felt on both songs. sure Jay and Kanye had better verses. but he did the hook and had catchy ad-libs. that Guap song is garbage though.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    b,dot astop being such a bad critic and be constructive about it, btw urrrr sooo wack for saying mercy wasnt hot, u know that shit was fucking fire bro,

  • @ Golden Child Kendrick Lamar isnt a rookie. If you were a real fan you’d know GKMC was his second album